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Anduril Stock


Anduril is a defense company that provides military technologies to the US & allied forces.

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Series E

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Aerospace & Defense, Industrials

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Anduril Management Team

Chief Financial Officer
Chief Revenue Officer
Co-Founder and COO
Chief Strategy Officer
Chief Legal Officer
Chief Engineer
Co-Founder and CEO

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Frequently Asked Questions About Anduril's Stock

What price is Anduril's stock?
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Anduril is a private company without a public market for its stock. Its stock private market stock price may depend on several factors. Sign up for V2 Markets or speak with a private market specialist to learn more.
Does Anduril have a stock ticker symbol?
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Anduril does not currently have a ticker symbol, as it is not listed on a public exchange such as the NYSE or NASDAQ.
Can Anduril stock be bought?
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Investors that meet certain qualifications as an accredited investor and/or qualified client may be eligible to purchase private shares, such as stock in Anduril. Sign up for V2 Markets or speak with a private market specialist to get started.
Can Anduril stock be sold?
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V2 Markets works with shareholders, including current and former employees, early investors, and more to sell their shares in private companies like Anduril. Sign up for V2 Markets or speak with a private market specialist to get started.
Who can buy and sell shares in private companies like Anduril?
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V2 Markets works with buyers and sellers to meet the needs of a transaction, including following applicable regulations and restrictions set by the company. Sign up for V2 Markets or speak with a private market specialist to learn more about whether you qualify to transact on our platform.

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