Unlock the value of your equity

V2 Markets helps you track, manage, and sell your private shares in startups and other privately held companies

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V2 aims to make managing your equity easier

View relevant details, comparables, and orders for your private shares on your V2 Markets profile

*Liquidity is not guaranteed

Access liquidity

Monitor your positions and offer your shares for sale

V2 Markets gives you access to the information you need to track and manage your equity. When you’re ready to sell, we’ll guide you through the offering process

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Track your equity

Not ready to sell?

Get access to the information and the available transaction data you need to stay informed on your shares, even if you’re not looking to sell today. Our Portfolio Snapshot tool gives you insight into the available market aggregated by V2 markets for your shares without obligation on your part

Structured to fit your needs

A transaction can take different forms

V2 Markets specialists will work to understand your needs and goals, working with you, your legal counsel and accountants, and with potential buyers to find the transaction structure that best fits your liquidity needs

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Simple Process

Let V2 Markets guide you

Our private market specialists will help you through the full process of selling your shares, starting with understanding your goals and needs

Sign-up for free in minutes and get access to available insights on where your company shares may be saleable
Order Placement
We collect high-level information on your position, pricing expectations, and timeline to better determine how we can assist you
Marketing and Matching
Our team markets your shares to our global network of family office, institutional, and other money manager investors to find the right counterparty for your transaction needs
Notice and Company Approval
If we make a match, we’ll work with you, the buyer, and the company to complete the closing process
Once the transaction is approved by all parties, our team will help circulate closing documents and help complete funding process